About Pacific Wine Merchant

Pacific Wine Merchant is the “agent” for a series of wine producers and negociants worldwide, and is acting as well as a wine trading company specializing in sourcing the correct wines for its clients in Indochina. 

Established in Vietnam in 1993, our company was rebranded in 2014 with the name Pacific Wine Merchant and relocated in Singapore in 2018.

We have been operating successfully in several countries in the Indochina region, namely Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, maintaining a very close commercial relationship with our sole importer in each country.

80 Suppliers

5 Continents

1500 labels

Pacific Wine Merchants consolidates orders from various suppliers, thus facilitating all administrative and commercial procedures between the wine producers and its Asian clients.

We work exclusively with more than 80 wine and spirit suppliers from the 5 continents, and ship more than 1500 labels direct to its clients in Indochina.